Los Angeles Dessert

Dessert is becoming a popular industry.  As we arrive in 2014,  trend is, to go out for  Dessert. We are seeing more  Dessert focus options appearing.

Los Angeles has become a haven for Dessert Lounge Concept.  We compiled a list of the top dessert lounges in LA. All you need to do is Enjoy!


Yo Ku Mon Dessert Lounge 

We start with Yo Ku Mon because it appears to be a global Trade Mark, out of  the Pacific. They also rate the highest at time of writing, 4.8 on google.
google yokumon culver city dessert

Yo Ku Mon have a wide selection of desserts from around the world.  At the center of there shop is a selection of 12 fresh baked cookies and 12 Ice Cream flavors. Thats right! You can build your own made to order ice Cream Sandwich. That is, if you don’t want to try the Cream Brûlée Cheese Cake,  Tiramisu, or Apple Pie.  They have a combination of over 1000 varieties of Made to Order Ice Cream sandwiches. They bake in store. There is a Coffee Shop attached to them, you can walk between the two. Kona Blend Coffee. If you want Dessert and Espresso this is the place for you. Like to there web site here.

Dessert Los Angeles Culver 90230



This is a long established dessert place. Know for Sweet Desserts Crapes, and cakes. Grave

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